Crimea Government Moves Swiftly to Join Russia

Residents of Crimea remained divided Monday about the outcome of a weekend referendum in which voters chose overwhelmingly to split from Ukraine and join Russia, even as government agencies in the regional capital quickly moved to re-register themselves as organs of an independent state that will soon become subject to the authority of the Kremlin.

EU Sanctions to Squeeze Russian Banks, Consumers

The EU's agreement to impose broad economic sanctions on Russia for its position on Ukraine threatens to stop off the trickle of affordable capital from abroad that the Russian economy desperately needs to thrive.

Doctored Public Opinion Shapes Kremlin's Ukraine Policy

Russians and Westerners have diametrically opposed interpretations of the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, recent polls demonstrate, and that determines the decisions taken by policy-makers on both sides, analysts told The Moscow Times on Tuesday.

Russia Sanctions Jeopardize Europe's Economic Recovery

The knock to confidence from harsher European sanctions on Russia could spoil the euro zone's budding economic recovery even if it shrugs off the fallout on trade.

Violent Hailstorm Injures Locals in Southern Siberia (Video)

Temperatures in Moscow may be scorching this week, but in southern Siberia the weather has proven to be a whole lot chillier — and destructive.

Most Russians Think Western Powers Caused Ukraine Crisis

The majority of Russians think that the Ukraine crisis was caused by Western "interference" and believe that their country should continue supporting pro-Moscow separatists, a poll showed.

Russian Stocks Drop in Volatile Trading Before EU Sanctions Decision

Russian stocks dipped in volatile trade on Tuesday as investors awaited a broad round of economic sanctions that the European Union is preparing to impose on Russia over the Ukraine crisis.

Putin Congratulates Muslims on Eid al-Fitr Holiday

President Vladimir Putin on Monday congratulated Muslims across Russia on the Eid al-Fitr holiday, a feast marking the end of the monthlong fast of Ramadan.

Magadan Flooding Photos Show Damage As Well As Resilience

While most images posted online of the Magadan floods show the extent of the damage, some are also quite bizarre and one video also gives an unfazed resident his moment of fame.

Russian Airlines Cancel All Flights to Israel

Russian airlines Aeroflot and Transaero canceled all flights to Israel on Wednesday, a day after a rocket fell about a mile away from Tel Aviv's international airport.

Ukraine to Conscript Military Reserves to Fight Separatists in Country's East

Ukraine's parliament approved a presidential decree on Tuesday to call up more military reserves and men under 50 to fight rebels in eastern Ukraine and defend the border against a concentration of troops in Russia.