Crimea Government Moves Swiftly to Join Russia

Residents of Crimea remained divided Monday about the outcome of a weekend referendum in which voters chose overwhelmingly to split from Ukraine and join Russia, even as government agencies in the regional capital quickly moved to re-register themselves as organs of an independent state that will soon become subject to the authority of the Kremlin.

In Ukraine, West's 'Terrorists' Are Russia's Heroes

If President Vladimir Putin is facing the biggest international backlash of his 14-year reign, it is because he has — in the eyes of the West — violated the one great taboo of the post-9/11 world: supporting terrorism. The problem is, viewed from a Russian perspective, Putin has done nothing of the sort.

2nd Mistral Warship Looks Set For Mediterranean Role

The Russian navy said during Sunday’s Navy Day celebrations that a French-made Mistral-class carrier will become the flagship of its budding Mediterranean Fleet, while Western leaders continue to pressure Paris into withholding the delivery of the warships.

Marking Navy Day, Russia Starts Work on 3 Submarines

Russia started building its three newest submarines on Sunday in the White Sea port of Severodvinsk, marking the halfway point in the country’s drive to re-establish its place as a modern naval power.

Referencing Gogol, Russia Slams EU for 'Playing Into Hands of Terrorists'

In a strongly worded statement with at least one obscure literary reference, Russia's Foreign Ministry has lashed out at the European Union for its decision to impose sanctions against top security officials, saying the "irresponsible" move would "be greeted with enthusiasm by international terrorists."  

Russian Professor Faces 6 Years Behind Bars for Skype Lectures

A Chelyabinsk professor faces up to six years in prison for conducting a series of lectures via Skype, according to Russian media reports.

Magadan Flooding Photos Show Damage As Well As Resilience

While most images posted online of the Magadan floods show the extent of the damage, some are also quite bizarre and one video also gives an unfazed resident his moment of fame.

Russian Airlines Cancel All Flights to Israel

Russian airlines Aeroflot and Transaero canceled all flights to Israel on Wednesday, a day after a rocket fell about a mile away from Tel Aviv's international airport.

Ukraine to Conscript Military Reserves to Fight Separatists in Country's East

Ukraine's parliament approved a presidential decree on Tuesday to call up more military reserves and men under 50 to fight rebels in eastern Ukraine and defend the border against a concentration of troops in Russia.

Ten Photos That Will Help You Stay Cool in the Moscow Heat

With jobs to do and people to meet, not everybody can afford to flee to a dacha in the shade.

Western Leaders Give Putin 'Last Chance' to Control Ukraine Separatists

Ukraine accused Russia and pro-Moscow rebels on Saturday of destroying evidence to cover up their guilt in the shooting down of a Malaysian airliner that killed almost 300 people last week.