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All the Russian Vocabulary You'll Need for Lent

By Michele A. Berdy This week begins theseven-week fast &md

The West Is Ignoring Some Unpleasant Truths About Putin

By Karen Dawisha Atthe beginning ofthe Ukraine crisis,

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Where togo andwhat tosee if you like cinema andlive inMoscow.


Where togo andwhat tosee if you like ballet andlive inMoscow.


Where togo andwhat tosee if you like opera andlive inMoscow.


Where togo andwhat tosee if you like classical music andlive inMoscow.


Where togo andwhat tosee if you like theater andlive inMoscow.


Where togo andwhat tosee if you like gigs andlive inMoscow.


Where togo andwhat tosee if you like exhibits andlive inMoscow.

Real Estate

Moscow's Plans for New Mega-Malls Threatened by Crisis

Plans tobuild astaggering 900,000 square meters ofnew mall space inMoscow this year are rapidly fizzling out as Russia

Russian Residential Construction to Drop Up to 15%

Russian residential real estate construction is set tofall 10-15 percent this year andmortgage lending byhalf, anoffic


Raising the Right Professionals: An Uphill Battle for Russia

Fora split second inDecember, it looked like 77 percent ofRussians would be forced out oftheir current jobs. This is t

Sanctions Cause Leadership Crisis as Foreign Directors Ditch Russian Firms

Western sanctions have forced some foreign directors tostep down or curb their activities onthe boards ofpublicly trade

Russia and Abroad

Russia - Germany 2014

Its a challenging time for German and Russian businesses, especially smaller and mid-sized companies.

Russia - Austria 2014

The Austrian season of culture, which took place in Russia in 2013 and 2014, gave artists from both countries an unprecedented opportunity for creative exchange and joint projects.

Moscow Times Guides

Lifestyle Guide 2015

Premium-class hotels, restaurants, nightlife, spas, fitness, and city festivals — this new issue of the Lifestyle Guide proudly presents the best spots in Moscow in 2015.

Doing Business in Russia 2014

The 'CEO of the Year Russia 2014' awards come at just the right time. They celebrate the achievements of the best CEOs. They are a lesson in the possible, a benchmark to aspire to and something to be proud of.

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