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Top Russian Business Newspaper Appoints New Chief Editor From State Television


The newspaper Vedomosti has a new chief editor: Ilya Bulavinov, who currently heads online broadcasting for the state-run television network Channel One.

Bulavinov was nominated by the paper’s owner, Demyan Kudryavtsev (who also owns The Moscow Times), and supported by four members of the board of directors. Ekaterina Derbilova, nominated by Tatiana Lysova, Vedomosti’s current chief editor, lost with three votes.

Lysova, who announced last autumn that she would leave Vedomosti, will remain on the newspaper’s board of directors until the end of the year.

Speaking to The Moscow Times, Lysova said of Bulavinov: “I barely know him. I've never worked with him.”

In 2016, Russia enacted a law limiting the amount of foreign ownership in Russian mass media outlets. As a result, the Finnish company Sanoma, The Wall Street Journal, and The Financial Times were forced to sell off their shares in Vedomosti. Demyan Kudryavtsev was the buyer.

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