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Michele Berdy, Culture Editor  @MicheleBerdy

Daniel Kozin, Web Editor @DanielKozin 

Evan Gershkovich, Reporter @evangershkovich

Loretta Perera, Social Media Editor @rettperera

Pjotr Sauer, Opinion Editor @PjotrSauer

Anna Savchenko, Photo Editor

Jonathan Brown, host of the weekly podcast "From Russia With News" @jonathaneebrown

Xiaoqing He, Editor of Chinese edition @ashamalia1

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In English: We publish quarterly glossy city guides for Moscow and St. Petersburg with the best tips on what to see and where to go, eat and have fun. 

In Chinese: We have two monthly newspapers, The Moscow Times and The St. Petersburg Times, which highlight the main social and cultural events. Four times a year, the newspapers will come out with a glossy shopping supplement.

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