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We pride ourselves on adhering to the highest journalistic standards. All editorial decisions are made independently by our team of editors and reporters, a practice that has been in place since the publication was founded in 1992.

Our team

Michele A. Berdy

Cultural Editor

Michele has been a translator, interpreter, reporter, television producer, communications specialist, and writer in Moscow since the Soviet period. Her “Word’s Worth” column has been running in TMT since 2002.


Pjotr Sauer

Web and Opinion Editor

Pjotr Sauer is the web and opinion editor at The Moscow Times. A Moscow native with a Dutch background, Pjotr previously worked in political risk consultancy and diplomacy.


Evan Gershkovich


Evan Gershkovich is a reporter covering politics, economics and social affairs, as well as Russia’s interests in the former Soviet Union. Prior to joining The Moscow Times in 2017, he was a news assistant for The New York Times.


Samantha Berkhead

News Editor

Samantha is an editor and journalist hailing from western New York. She previously worked as managing editor of the International Journalists' Network in Washington, D.C. When she's not busy proliferating obscure memes, she enjoys art, music and immersing herself in other cultures.


Jake Cordell

Business Reporter

Jake is a reporter covering the Russian economy and business world. Originally from the U.K., he previously worked in London as an economics correspondent, and in Prague for an organization supporting independent media and civil society across the former Soviet Union.


Alexandra Sukhoveeva

Alexandra Sukhoveeva

Social Media Editor

Alexandra is the social media editor for The Moscow Times. After an internship with National Geographic Russia, Sasha joined The Moscow Times as a trainee and covered Russian culture, women’s issues, LGBT rights and environmental issues. She then started managing its social media, as well as writing and translating for the Russian version of the site.


Anna Savchenko

Photo Editor

Anna worked at multiple Russian news organizations before joining The Moscow Times. She now spends her days collecting and creating the best images and designs for the website and our print issues. On any given evening you'll find her practicing yoga; it is this skill that has for seven years kept her cool in an otherwise crazy world.

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