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Russia Says Downed 4 Drones Near Moscow

General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Russia foiled an attempted overnight drone attack by Ukraine in and around the Moscow region as well as near the border with Ukraine, the Defense Ministry said Tuesday.

The military said its on-duty air defense forces destroyed the aircraft-type drones over the Moscow, Tambov, Bryansk and Oryol regions.

Bryansk, a western Russian region on the border with Belarus and Ukraine, has regularly reported cross-border fire from Ukraine, including a series of alleged incursion attempts by Ukrainian sabotage groups.

The Oryol and Tambov regions both lie east of the Bryansk region and approximately 400 kilometers south of Moscow.

The Defense Ministry did not say whether any specific sites were targeted in the attack or if any damages or casualties were sustained.

Unverified reports by Baza, a Telegram messaging app channel believed to have links to Russia’s security services, said a chemical plant in the Bryansk region was damaged and an explosives-laden drone was found nearby.

Russia and Ukraine have carried out regular overnight drone attacks against each other in the months since President Vladimir Putin ordered troops into Ukraine. 

Both sides usually claim to have disabled or shot down dozens of aerial objects each week. 

Ukraine does not typically acknowledge involvement in attacks on Russian territory.

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