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Russian Educators Show Out on Social Media in Support of Shamed Teacher


Educators from across Russia are showing solidarity with a teacher in Siberia who lost her job over photos posted to social media with an online swimsuit flashmob.

Tatyana Kuvshinnikova, a fifth-grade teacher in the city of Barnaul, was forced to abandon her post after a student’s parents complained about photos showing her in a New Year’s dress and a swimsuit. The story made national news due to the school director’s letter to Kuvshinnikova, which called her a “prostitute” and a “stain on the reputation of the school.”

In response to the school authorities’ hardline approach, educators assembled online under the hashtag #учителятожелюди (#teachersarepeopletoo).

The teachers shared pictures of themselves in swimsuits, underwear and skimpy clothing and criticized the school's management of the situation.

Kuvshinnikova said she felt compelled to resign after colleagues “refused to greet her or look at her” and started to spread rumors about her “taking trash out of the dumpster.”

Here are some examples from the online flashmob:

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