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Russian Teacher Forced to Step Down Over ‘Prostitute’ Dress

Tatyana Kuvshinnikova tana80h / Vkontakte

A fifth-grade teacher in the city of Barnaul in western Siberia has been forced to abandon her post over photos showing her in a New Year’s dress, the news website reported Monday.

Language and literature teacher Tatyana Kuvshinnikova uploaded photos of herself in the dress to social media in December. She was pressured by school authorities to give up her position following complaints from a student’s parents to the school director. 

“Only prostitutes dress up and take pictures with heels and a dress above the knees, and all for show! Who are you trying to lure?” the school director said in a letter to Kuvshinnikova in February, reported.

In the same letter, the school director called her a “stain on the reputation of the school” and said that her behavior encourages “pedophilia.”

While the school initially wanted to fire the teacher immediately following the complaints, she was allowed to remain after other parents voiced their support for her.

In March, three months after the photos were posted online, Kuvshinnikova decided to leave the school after colleagues “refused to greet her or look at her” and started to spread rumors about her “taking trash out of the dumpster.”

Update: The Altai region's Education Minister said Tuesday that he "did not see anything reprehensible in the photographs" of Kuvshinnikova, Interfax reported. He added that the ministry would work to find a new job for the teacher.

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