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Russian Car Jacker Breaks Leg After Jumping onto Ice River While Escaping Police

The Obvodny Canal in warmer times. Andrei Pronin / TASS

Fleeing on foot has never been this hard. 

A carjacker reportedly broke his leg after jumping onto an ice river while fleeing the authorities in St. Petersburg. 

The suspect, 31-year-old Ibragim Atakuyev, made a daring escape while being transported in a police car to the Investigative Committee, the local news website reported Wednesday.

Atakuyev broke the National Guard minibus window with his head, jumped out of the moving vehicle on a busy highway and leapt onto the frozen Obvodny Canal, where he was promptly apprehended after breaking his leg from the fall, reported.

The carjacker is suspected of hitting a traffic cop with brass knuckles last month. He had previously served a prison sentence on murder charges.

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