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Siberian Policeman Fired for Pouring Whiskey Into Windshield-Wiper Tank

When you're out of windshield-wiper fluid, you have to improvise. Screenshot Vkontakte

A traffic police officer from the Siberian city of Novosibirsk has lost his job after he published video of himself filling his patrol vehicle’s windshield-wiper fluid tank with Jack Daniel’s whiskey. 

The video shows a man in a traffic police uniform taking the bottle of whiskey from the trunk of the car and pouring it into its windshield-wiper fluid tank, explaining that he didn’t have any windshield-wiper fluid on hand to top up his tank.

“Actually, I can afford [the whiskey] because I work in the traffic police,” the officer can be heard bragging in the video, which appeared online in December.

“I wanted to save it for the New Year’s celebration, but work is more important!” he says as the last drops fall into the tank.

Police launched an internal review after the video made the rounds on social media. The unnamed officer was fired “for an offense defaming the honor of a law enforcement officer,” the state-run TASS news agency reported Tuesday.

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