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Putin's Ex-Bodyguard Quits Kaliningrad Governorship After Just Two Months

Vladimir Putin (L) and Evgeny Zinichev (R) in Moscow on July 28, 2016. Kremlin Press Service

President Vladimir Putin has dismissed the acting governor of Kaliningrad, Evgeny Zinichev, after just two months on the job, according to Interfax news agency. Zinichev, one of Putin’s former bodyguards, was appointed by the president on July 28.

According to Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin’s official spokesperson, Zinichev asked to be transferred to another position, citing “family reasons.” Anton Alikhanov, the head of the regional Kaliningrad government, has been appointed to take his place.

Zinichev attracted some attention in the Russian media, when his past work in the president’s security detail only came to light after Putin appointed him to serve as Kaliningrad’s governor.

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