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Photos at Gorky Park Show Silk Road Through the Ages

All the beauty and wonder of the old Silk Road can be seen in Gorky Park until July 9.

This week the silk road came to Moscow's Gorky Park — or at least magnificent photographs of it. National Geographic Russia and the Tourism Department of the People's Republic of China launched an exhibition called "A Road Through the Ages" in the central alley of the park.

The exhibition is devoted to the Silk Road, the ancient trade route that connected West and East, and its cultural legacy in China. The exhibition features fifty photographs, some of them by Russian and Chinese photographers and some by world famous masters, such as George Steinmetz, Cary Wolinsky, Michael Yamashita and Ira Block.

Photographs of old towns and crumbling temples as well as natural wonders, deserts and mountains will transport you into the world of the medieval merchants braving the Silk Road for spices, silks, and other wonders. It's an open air exhibit and entrance is free.

Gorky Park. 9 Krymsky Val, Metro Oktyabrskaya. The exhibition runs until July 9.

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