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Medvedev Plans 'Government With Room for Growth'

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Andrei Makhonin

President Vladimir Putin is leaving his influence group in power at three agencies, while Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev chose new people for all other places in the government.

The first appointments to the new government could be held on May 19, a Kremlin official thought, and the rest will be in the "20s."

Medvedev formed a "government with room for growth," the official said, with many new and young people.

The president promised not to insist on his own candidate, said a source close to the presidential administration. According to the source, Putin chose leaders for only three agencies — Anton Siluanov in the Finance Ministry, Andrei Belousov in the Economic Development Ministry and Igor Artemyev in the Federal Anti-Monopoly Service.

Their nominations were agreed on by the president and prime minister in advance, two government officials confirmed.

These three candidates are supposed to balance Putin and Medvedev's team. Arkady Dvorkovich, Mikhail Abyzov and Alexander Voloshin will now have determining influence on the prime minister, a source close to the Kremlin said.

Dvorkovich and Abyzov are likely to be promoted to deputy prime ministers, with Dvorkovich responsible for industry, including agriculture and transportation, and Abyzov for the Open Government.

Abyzov, who is chairman of the holding Ru-Com and  adviser to Medvedev, will oversee the project, an administration employee said, but he will not be given the position of deputy prime minister.

There was a rumor in the investment community in recent days that Abyzov would head the Energy Ministry, but Vedomosti sources in the government and Kremlin did not confirm that.

Vladimir Rashevsky, the 38-year-old chief executive of SUEK, was said to be the main candidate for this position yesterday, but Vedomosti was unable to confirm that information.

Acting Economic Development Minister Elvira Nabiullina is leaving the Cabinet despite an offer of "the interesting position of deputy prime minister for social issues," two of her acquaintances said. One of them said Nabiullina decided to engage in scientific activities.

However, a Kremlin official denied this, insisting that Nabiullina will join the Medvedev government, Belousov will not be her successor and that she will become presidential aide on economic issues — the position held by Arkady Dvorkovich in Medvedev's administration.

Igor Shuvalov will remain first deputy prime minister. He is equally close to Medvedev and Putin. Medvedev intends to make Vyacheslav Surkov deputy prime minister and chief of staff, staff members said. Most likely, Surkov will continue at the same time to supervise matters of science, innovation and culture.

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