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‘Free Britney,’ Pro-Putin Babushkas Demand

The pensioners, who often go viral for ranting against Putin's enemies, praised Spears for “finally expressing her desire to be a human and not a slave.” Screenshot Twitter

A group of Russian pensioners known as “Putin’s Troops” has come out in defense of Britney Spears in the midst of her court battle against an “abusive” guardianship.

The babushkas — whose rants against the Russian president’s enemies often go viral online — praised the American pop star for “finally expressing her desire to be a human and not a slave.”

Spears on Wednesday urged a judge to end what she called her “abusive” 13-year conservatorship by her father Jamie Spears that was put in place after her highly public breakdown. 

The outspoken pro-Putin babushkas sided with the fans’ “#FreeBritney” campaign in their latest missive, calling the conditions of Spears’ conservatorship “awful” and “impossible.”

“Everyone from every country loved this healthy and normal woman,” the group said in a courtyard video shared on Krasnodar-based philanthropist Marat Dinayev’s YouTube channel Thursday.

“What could she have done to strip her of everything?”

“Free Britney!” they chanted, switching to English at the end of the minute-long address. 

In other recent videos, Putin’s Troops called on “senile” U.S. President Joe Biden to apologize for calling Putin a “killer,” parents to throw away “dumb” Pop It toys and users delete the “amoral” Clubhouse audio chat app.

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