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Russian Policemen Jailed for Gang Raping Junior Colleague

Salavat Galiyev Ilgiz Kalimulin / TASS

A Russian court sentenced three high-ranking police officers on Thursday to six and seven years in prison for raping a young colleague last year.

The three men were charged with attacking and raping their 23-year-old victim after drinking alcohol with her at a police office in October 2018.

The Kirov District Court in Ufa found district police chiefs Eduard Matveyev and Salat Galiyev, and the head of a district migration department Pavel Yaromchuk, guilty of rape and sexual violence. 

It handed Matveyev and Galiyev seven years in jail and six years for Yaromchuk, which includes time served in pre-trial detention and under house arrest. 

The judge also ordered the offenders to pay the unnamed victim 3 million rubles (around $48,000) in damages.

She is reported to be a close relative of a senior National Guard commander in Russia’s republic of Bashkortostan, where the city of Ufa is located.

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