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Everyday Life Gets a Dose of Wry Russian Humor

Anton Gudim / gudim_public / Instagram

Moscow-based illustrator Anton Gudim's cartoons are steeped in sarcasm and brimming with irony.

They all depict the same relatable theme: everyday city life is pretty tough. 

Today, he has an Instagram following of over 680,000 people.

Here are some of our favorites from his page:

Nothing much changes from pre-birth to post-graduation (except the need to wear pants). 

Sometimes we all need to retreat to fetal position. 

Everyone has their own Everest. 

How is it easier to recharge a phone than yourself? 

And in every metro dwells the starry-eyed cat of the underground. 

You're fooling no one, Mr. Red Shirt. 

Moses up to his mischief would come in handy in the Moscow metro. 

When you own nothing and everything at the same time. 

A Snapchat reality isn't too far away, surely? 

But what will your grandkids say? 

Did you know there was Life on Mars? 

Good Guy Greg needs to stay in his lane. 

Wear every line on your face as a medal of honor. 

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