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When Boiling Water Meets Freezing Air: Russia's Latest Instagram Trend, in Photos

katrin22region / Instagram

A new trend has made its rounds on Russian social media in recent weeks called "The Dubak Challenge," (from the Russian дубак, a slang word for intense cold) in which boiling hot water is thrown into sub-zero air for a beautiful sight. The result comes from the Mpemba effect, in which hot water freezes faster than cold water. 

Warning: While the effects are tempting, the process is a risky one. We strongly advise you to not try this at home. 

When hot water meets freezing air meets sunlight. 

Many of those up for the challenge experimented with different angles and effects. 

A video in slow motion shows the reaction between the boiling water and the cold air as it happens. 

Besides the dangerous stunt, good photography is also key to the trend. 

That moment before it hits you. 

Again, don't try this at home. 

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