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Woman Gives Birth in Siberian Supermarket, Shoppers Keep Calm and Carry On

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Employees and customers at a supermarket in the Siberian region of Omsk reportedly continued business as usual when a shopper suddenly started to give birth at a cash register. 

According to local media, a 28-year-old woman started experiencing contractions while paying for her groceries and then went into labor. 

“She didn’t even ask for help, she quietly said that she was giving birth, that’s all,” the manager of the local supermarket told the local NGS55 news website on Tuesday. 

The administration of the supermarket said that they tried to tell people to leave, but the customers reportedly reacted “calmly” to what happened. 

Footage of the incident shows that payments at the other cash register continued as normal, despite the woman delivering a baby meters away. The video also shows a third cash register being opened in the store to compensate for the one closed as a result of the ongoing childbirth.

The woman was assisted during her labor by the cashier in her line and two of her friends who were shopping with the pregnant woman. 

Store management reportedly promised to bring gifts to the woman and her newly born son Ivan. 

“Of course, we were scared when helping deliver a baby for the first time, especially because she was a customer,” a manager at the store told the news outlet. 

“Later, when everything was over, we even laughed about it while rewatching the video footage with the employees,” she added.

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