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Siberian Woman Refused Ultrasound, Concusses Doctor With Computer Keyboard

Alexander Nikolayev / TASS

An Omsk woman reportedly left a local doctor concussed after slamming a computer keyboard against his noggin over a medical dispute. 

The 47-year-old woman was reportedly prescribed an ultrasound at a clinic in the Siberian city and was told to visit a local hospital to undergo the procedure, the SuperOmsk news outlet reported on Friday. 

The woman reportedly believed she needed a different kind of ultrasound, so she crossed out the prescription and filled in directions for another procedure before visiting the hospital.

Although the doctor at the hospital tried to explain that the other ultrasound was impossible, the woman was not satisfied. After throwing the doctor’s prescription clipboard at his head, she then picked up his computer keyboard and slammed it against his cranium for good measure. 

The woman will have to attend treatment and rehabilitation, SuperOmsk reports. The doctor, for his part, intends to sue.

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