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Russian Emigree Hitman Detained in Israel After Warning Would-Be Victims


Israeli police said they have detained an alleged contract killer who was hired by a Russian businessman to kill two people in Israel but, reportedly facing a guilty conscience, admitted his murder plans to the would-be victims.

Police opened an investigation into the case after one of the would-be victims said the alleged contract killer had accosted them on the street and warned them he had been hired to kill them. The 38-year-old suspect reportedly immigrated to Israel last year from Russia, where he had allegedly served in the special forces.

The alleged contract killer told his would-be victims “he regretted the mission,” Israeli police said in a statement on Twitter.

The unnamed Russian businessman allegedly paid the contract hitman a $5,000 advance, with a promise to pay $1 million if he carried out the assassinations. According to the website, the would-be killer received another $5,000 with instructions to “immediately carry out the murder.”

Soon after, the alleged hitman reportedly shared a photo of a staged assassination, and was detained soon after.

Police said the businessman took out a contract hit on two middle-aged Tel Aviv residents because they had defrauded him of $16 million.

The alleged contract killer is expected to be indicted on charges of conspiracy to commit a crime on Friday, Israeli police said.

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