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This Is What Putin Had to Say on New Year’s Eve

Every year on New Year’s Eve, with minutes to go until the clock strikes midnight, Russian President Vladimir Putin gives a televised address to the nation. This is what he said this year; 

[We are] on the threshold of 2018. Of course, this holiday comes to us every year, but all the same we perceive it as new, good and desirable.

We believe that all our hopes will come true in these minutes. For us, New Year’s Eve is, above all, a family celebration. We celebrate it as we did in our youth, with presents and surprises, with a special warmth and anticipating important changes. And they will inevitably come to our lives if each of us remembers our parents, treasures them, and cherishes every minute we spend with them, if we have a greater understanding for our children, their aspirations and dreams, support those who are nearby, who need our involvement and generosity of spirit.

The capacity to help, to be thoughtful, to be good, fills life with true human meaning. No matter where we are — whether at the family table, in merry company, or at street festivities — the New Year’s spirit unites us, and modern technologies allow us to share our feelings with people we care about, who could be hundreds, thousands of kilometers away. 

As always, special congratulations to those who are currently fulfilling their military or professional duties, or have shifts at hospitals, planes and trains. We’re together in this wonderful New Year’s night. We’re together also in our daily affairs. Cohesion, friendship and a selfless love for Russia increases our strength for worthy pursuits and big achievements. I want to give my heartfelt thanks to everyone for their belief in themselves and in our country, for their work and their achievements. 

May trust and mutual understanding always go with us. 

Dear friends, there are only seconds left until the beginning of 2018. It’s time to say the most precious words, forgive mistakes and resentment, confess our love, warm ourselves with care and attention. May the New Year bring to every life and every family change for the better. May everyone be healthy, have children who bring you joy. I sincerely wish you success and wellbeing. Peace and the flourishing of our great Russia, beloved and unique. Be happy. Happy holidays. Happy 2018.

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