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Moscow: News and Openings

Kitayskie Novosti


Steaks at a burger chain 

Farsh is a burger chain by Moscow’s leading restaurateur Arkady Novikov. Farsh prides itself on the quality of its burgers (from 280 rubles) supplied by Miratorg meat producer. Farsh branch on Komsomolsky Prospekt started offering steaks made with Black Angus beef. The steaks are alternative cuts like Top Blade, Denver, and New York. Each weighs about 90 gams and costs just 480 rubles with a side of fries.


Greek food at a night club 

Sito cafe opened a new outpost inside the Squat ¾ space, famous for their electronic music parties, gothic interiors and bohemian atmosphere. Sito serves traditional Greek fare, its specialty being peynirli, boat shaped Greek pizza. You can get it with cheese and tomatoes, cheese and bacon, as well ground meat (from 250 to 380 rubles). There’s also moussaka, a layered potato-based dish (350 rubles), as well as Greek salad (250 rubles) and kebab in a pita bread. 

Black Star 

Burgers from a rap star 

Black Star burger chain just added a second location on Tsvetnoy Bulvar. Black star was opened by Timati, probably the most popular Russian rapper. The first cafe generated so much hype, there were hour-long lines. There are ten types of burger in total, but the most popular is a VIP burger (777 rubles) with feta cheese, truffle sauce and blackcurrant jam. The VIP burger comes on a plate with fireworks. 

Kitayskie Novosti 

Authentic Chinese 

After the closure of Kitayskie Novosti (Chinese News) on Tverskaya street, another one just opened on Novy Arbat. Kitayskie Novosti serve Chinese dishes hard to find elsewhere in the city, like Taiwanese style “three cup” chicken or pork xialongbao dumplings served in bamboo baskets (390 rubles). Several dishes were added to the menu specifically for the Arbat branch, such as a lamb soup with daikon. 

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