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Grenade Explodes in Dagestani School, Killing One Student and Injuring a Dozen More


A child died and 11 other people were injured in Dagestan on Monday, after a grenade exploded in a computer class at a school in the Tsumadinsky District, according to the news agency Interfax. Three of the children wounded in the blast are now hospitalized in critical condition.

Interfax reports that the school is located in the village of Agvali, home to about 2,600 people. Russia's Emergencies and Disaster Response Ministry dispatched a helicopter carrying extra medical experts to the local hospital.

Local police told Interfax that the grenade exploded due to careless handling, though other news agencies have reported conflicting accounts of the tragedy.

The tabloid originally reported that a sixth grader threw the grenade into a classroom, killing a student and injuring eight others. The school's principal told the news agency RIA Novosti that 13 students suffered injuries in the explosion, adding that the boy responsible for the incident is now in police custody.

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