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Reckless Russian Jumps 9-Story Building With Pants on Fire (Video)

Footage from a video showing Alexander Chernikov preparing to jump from a nine-story building while on fire.

Ever wondered what it's like to jump off a nine-story building while you're on fire?

Alexander Chernikov, a 23-year-old from Barnaul in the Altai region, settled that question once and for all on Friday when he recorded himself jumping off a building in the town of Novoaltaisk.

The video, titled "Jump 30 meters — My Vision," was uploaded to his YouTube account on the same day and shows Chernikov preparing to jump off a nine-story apartment building by adding padding to his clothes and putting on a pair of extra trousers, which he then douses in gasoline.

Chernikov, who is not even wearing a helmet, can be heard mumbling "I am a legend" before he is handed a torch with which he sets himself on fire.

Seemingly overwhelmed by the flames, Chernikov then curses and quickly jumps off the building, screaming on his way down and landing in a mound of snow.

Concerned voices are heard asking: "Are you alive?" and "Guys, we have to unearth him!" while Chernikov groans with pain. The video ends with Chernikov being gently led away by the police.

Local news website Altai Post said Chernikov, who also reportedly jumped off a five-story building last year, sustained several serious injuries in the fall.

In an interview with Russian tabloid LifeNews right after the jump, a visibly uncomfortable Chernikov tells the interviewer he feels "a slight discomfort in his stomach," describing the impact on landing as similar to being run over by a truck.

"The most important thing is that I am alive, healthy and in theory don't have a scratch on me," he said

"Standing on top [of the building] I felt on the edge of life. After all, life is beautiful!" he adds.

Chernikov said he did "not advise anyone to try to re-enact" the stunt.

Watch the full video here:

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