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Moscow Mayor Sobyanin Salary Rises Past Putin's

Moscow's Mayor Sergei Sobyanin earned 6,282,000 rubles ($179,310) during 2013, said an official report about his income published on the website of the Mayor and the City Hall on Thursday.

Sobyanin and his wife declared in the official report that they owned an apartment of 118 square meters in area and a garage of 27 square meters last year. The report said the Mayor does not posses any cars or land. However, his 16 year old daughter Olga Sobyanina has an apartment of 308 square meters in Moscow's city center.

Mayor's income increased by nearly a million rubles since 2012, when he declared he earned 5,321, 000 rubles ($151,890). According to official income declarations, Sobyanin earned nearly twice as much as President Vladimir Putin, who received 3,672,208 rubles ($102,660) in 2013.

Prime-Minister Dmitry Medvedev also earned less money then Sobyanin, as he took home 4,259,525 rubles last year. However, both the President and Prime-Minister may become richer in 2014, as in April they have ordered nearly a threefold increase in their monthly salaries.

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