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Bomb Detonates at St. Petersburg Military Enlistment Office

The site of Tuesday's explosion in St. Petersburg.

A bomb went off outside a military enlistment office in St. Petersburg, the local news website Fontanka reported Tuesday, citing eyewitnesses.

Local residents reported hearing sounds of explosions near the enlistment office around noon on Tuesday.

Authorities cordoned off a nearby abandoned bomb shelter, which Fontanka said sustained “minor damage.”

Investigators believe the explosion occurred inside a shaft that leads to an abandoned bomb shelter, some 20 meters from the military recruitment office, according to Fontanka.

The outlet described the explosive device as a battery-powered “radio module” fitted with 100-150 grams of gunpowder.

Security camera footage shared by Fontanka showed police tape surrounding a pockmarked road in the courtyard of an old building. 

It was unclear if the asphalt shown in the footage was damaged as a result of the reported blast.

The outlet said there were no injuries.

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