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How to Get a Coronavirus QR Code in Russia

Andrei Nikerichev / Moskva News Agency

While Russian lawmakers scrapped legislation that would have mandated QR code health passes to enter most public places, these passes are still required to enter theaters, museums and large public gatherings in Moscow and several other regions of the country.

Here’s a quick guide to these passes and to obtain them:

Who is eligible?

The following categories are eligible to receive a QR code:

  • People who have received a vaccine approved in Russia
  • People who have taken a PCR test
  • People who have taken an antibodies test 

Receiving a QR code after a PCR test

Obtaining a QR code that proves a negative PCR test result is the simplest solution for foreigners who are visiting Russia for just a few days. 

QR codes can be sent to a Russian phone number or simply printed out at the testing center if one does not have a local phone number.

These QR codes are valid for 48 hours.

Receiving a QR code after vaccination

Only those who have received one of Russia’s registered vaccines are able to get a QR code proving they’ve been vaccinated. 

As Russia hasn’t recognized vaccines widely used in Western countries such as Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna, these vaccines aren’t eligible.

Foreigners who wish to get vaccinated in Russia can receive Sputnik Light, the single-component version of Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine. Only foreigners who live or work long-term in Russia are able to get vaccinated. The cost of the shot is 1,300 rubles.

Moscow’s Covid-19 vaccination center at Luzhniki Stadium issues QR codes on the spot. While patients don’t need to be registered on the city government portal in order to get vaccinated at this location, they will need a Russian phone number and a list of documents.

In other clinics, patients may need to be registered on the government portal through this link. Here are the official lists of centers that work with foreigners in Moscow and in St Petersburg

Vaccination QR codes are valid for one year.

Receiving a QR code after an antibodies test 

From Feb. 21, 2022, individuals who have recovered from Covid-19 and tested for antibodies can also obtain a QR code. 

To receive it, they will need to be registered on the portal, according to the Rosprotrebnadzor information center. 

Antibodies QR codes are valid for six months.

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