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'Insulted. Belarus' Takes to the World's Stages

Belarusian playwright Andrei Kureichik wrote during the August events.

One of the many protest marches in Belarus. Facebook

Andrei Kureichik, a celebrated Belarusian playwright and a member of the Coordination Council of Belarus, has written a play about the month of protests and events in Belarus since the contested presidential election on August 9.

The play, “Insulted. Belarus,” was written during and right after the events and translated into English by prominent translator and theatrical critic John Freedman.  It is now being brought to the public in readings and other events at more than 25 venues in five countries. It is presently being translated into Czech and Slovak.

Based on events Kureichik witnessed or participated in, it tells the story of the elections, the first peaceful marches, the violent reaction of the authorities, the growing support among striking factories, and the remarkable perseverance of Belarusians — especially women — who peacefully continue to protest despite the clubs, arrests, beatings, and worse.

The next reading is at ARTEL/Maketank in Exeter (U.K), which will stream the reading on Facebook Live and the Maketank page on Saturday, Sept. 19 at 6 p.m. British Standard Time. 

For more information about readings online and near you, or ways to get involved, see the Facebook page here

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