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Russians Rejoice at Spotify's Arrival With Memes

"Russia three seconds after the Spotify release." WaitSpotyRussia / Twitter

As music-streaming giant Spotify announced its expansion to Russia and 12 other countries across Eastern Europe, Russian web users did what they do best: make memes to celebrate the special occasion.

Here’s a look at some of our favorite Spotify memes from the Russian internet:

"Spotify has entered my sinful life beautifully," this meme reads, showing Spotify adeptly replacing Boom, another popular Russian music-streaming app, as a woman's boyfriend. 

Spotify's entry into the Russian market might seem a bit archaic, considering that the service is already available in 92 countries. But better late than never!

"Me subscribing to Yandex Music while watching everyone switch over to Spotify."

"I go on Spotify every hour because I still can't believe it works."

Some meme-masters likened the introduction of Spotify in Russia to a sci-fi utopian paradise, flying buses included.  

"Russia when Spotify appeared."

"July 15, Happy Russian Spotify Day!" 

"Spotify came to Russia in 2020." 

"Russians in 2019:"  

"Music across all of Russia before the introduction of Spotify." 

Spotify (looking quite buff on the left) versus VK Music, the music platform of Russian social media site VKontakte.

This meme, well.....hits hard.

Spotify, depicted as Vin Diesel, takes one road, the rest of Russia's popular music apps, shown as Paul Walker, have a more unfortunate end. 

Spotify has said that Russia is the world's 17th-largest market for streaming and is continuing to grow. 

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