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Learn About Russian Impressionism and Avant-Garde

Terrific lectures, tours, texts in Russian and English

"June Forest," 1918 with a self-portrait on the left Courtesy of Russian Museum of Impressionism

The Museum of Russian Impression opened in 2015 in the beautifully reconstructed sugar silo at a pre-Revolutionary confectionary company. Since then it has held over a dozen shows designed to explore, rediscover, and better understand impressionism in Russia and other countries, as well as its role as an artistic and conceptual stepping stone to the Russian avant-garde.

If you are interested in this art and period, you can start at the Museum's site, where there are good descriptions of their current and past shows in English and Russian.

The Museum also has an excellent YouTube channel with Russian-language lectures, excursions, book events, and even short videos onare individual works of art from various exhibitions done in Russian sign language with Russian sub-titles. 

If you want more in-depth lectures on Russian art in Russian, try curator Maria Moroz's channel. 

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