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Since the outbreak of the Corona virus and the subsequent pandemic, most of us have had our lives turned upside down. All schools and some kindergardens are closed, people have to work from home and now even all gyms are officially closed since Saturday in Moscow.
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To keep our minds sane and our bodies healthy, we thought we would share our favorite online sports courses with you. Luckily there are a lot of offers nowadays and thanks to the Skype and Zoom platforms there is even the possibility to train live with friends, which is much more fun than training alone.


Yoga - Live

A few weeks ago we introduced you to our Yoga Trainer Sebastien. He not only offers private classes at home, but also live via Skype. These last about 1 hour and cost 5000 rub. You can arrange to meet with friends for this lesson and everyone simply dials in from home and you train together. All you need is a yoga mat and a laptop, iPad or similar device with a working camera and microphone. Sebastien will tell you the exact time and he will send you detailed instructions on how it all works.

We think it's great and you get the feeling that you can escape the social distancing a little bit, even if you train from home.
Here you can use our discount code "Moscowliving" and you will save 20% on the first lesson. Have fun trying it out.
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Fitness - Live

Russian based fitness club chain "World Class" started to stream online classes live after all fitness clubs were shut down this weekend. To join their classes look for 'worldclassclubs' on Instagram. Go to the profile and choose 'online' in stories. World Class sends live yoga, pilates, functional training and stretching on certain times through the day. They publish sending times a day in advance on their Instagram page.
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We really like the YouTube channel, "Yoga with Tim." He has a really nice way of teaching Yoga and he offers all different levels, so even if you are a beginner it's a good time to start with yoga. And if you are more intermediate you will definitely find a suitable workout for you as well. All you need for the class is your Yoga mat or normal fitness mat, at some sessions you also need two blocks and two strips. But you can easily use books or a belt if you don’t have this equipment at home.
Enjoy checking it out.
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Fitness - HIIT training

For a proper workout we really like the workouts and the YouTube channel from "Mr. & Mrs. Muscle". Here you mainly find high intensity trainings, called HIIT. The videos are usually 10 min long and you have 4 rounds of 4 - 5 different exercises, which you will repeat. Each exercise you repeat for 30 seconds, get a break of 10 seconds and then go to the next exercise. For each exercise they also show a low impact option, if you do not feel so fit on that day, so always listen to your body. They also have a huge variety of different fitness levels . All you need for this classes, is a yoga or fitness mat.
So have fun trying it out and let us know how you like it.
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Alexia Clark - cardio training

If you're more in to cardio try "Alexia Clark". You might need a little equipment at home like dumbells or a TRX, but she also offers many exercises without equipment. Especially effective are the "towel sliding workouts" for the abs to strengthen your core.

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Fausto - short ab workouts

This is our favorite and very effective ab workout. Fausto doesn't just make you strong but he makes you feel good. You start the day with a smile and even if you don't speak Spanish (which we don't) we recommend you to try it. Enjoy!

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P.E. with Joe - kids

It's also a great opportunity to involve your kids in your daily workout and start the day with some positive energy together. Check out this daily video's that Joe posts to keep you and your kids healthy. Enjoy!

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We hope we could inspire you to do sports at home to stay fit and healthy and to give you a little bit of distraction in these very special times.
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