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Dog Hypnotist’s Russian State TV Appearance Resurfaces in Viral Clip

Rossiya 1

A dog hypnotist’s appearance on Russian state television has made an internet comeback thanks to the dog’s uncanny ability to put any human to sleep by simply looking into their eyes.

Princess, a black Pomeranian from Britain, made her Russian television debut on “Amazing People,” a program that highlights people — and apparently pets — with “extraordinary abilities.”

In the September 2018 clip, Princess’ owner, a professional hypnotist herself, commands a circle of subjects to look into the Pomeranian’s eyes.

One by one, each person can be seen gazing into the precocious pup’s eyes, almost instantly falling forward into a pile of pillows afterward — some more convincingly than others.

The display of pure hypnotic talent quickly went viral this week after the state-run Rossiya 1 channel ran a commercial for “Amazing People”s new season that included a clip of Princess’ performance. Many people took to social media to debate whether or not Princess’ powers were real or whether it was all staged.

Russians are wont to believe in magic and other phenomena. Largely suppressed during Soviet times, pseudoscientific beliefs saw a resurgence in Russian society in the early 2000s, though their popularity has waned in recent years.

But in Princess’ case, seeing may really be the key to believing.

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