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Viral ‘Bottle Cap Challenge’ Gets a Russian Spin

borshev / Instagram

Celebrities around the world are jumping on the bandwagon of the “bottle cap challenge,” the latest trend to go viral on social media.

The challenge’s aim is to twist the cap off of a water bottle with a single kick. The camera’s slow-motion effect will reveal whether the bottle remained motionless, which is also a requirement for flawless execution.

Actor Jason Statham and athlete Conor McGregor both aced the challenge, looking dramatic and cool while twisting the cap off a bottle with a single roundhouse kick.

The trend has now made its way to Russia with its own distinctly Russian spin — no pun intended. 

World Thai boxing champion Irina Larionova took on the challenge “Russian style” by opening a jar of pickles.

In the video posted on her coach’s Instagram page, the boxing star knocks the lid off the jar with a single triumphant kick in slow motion.

No special preparation went into completing the challenge, Larionova revealed to the state-run RIA Novosti news site, but she did want her version to be “special” — hence the jar of pickles. 

She admitted that she wasn’t going to nominate any other Russian athletes to try the challenge and that she was simply scared to nominate someone as fierce as Russian MMA fighter Habib Nurmagomedov. 

“Let McGregor do that, he’s also taking part in this,” she suggested.

Fellow Russian athlete Stepan Berketov also pulled off the challenge without breaking a sweat, as this video on his Instagram shows:

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