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Russia Armed and Ready With Memes for Game of Thrones Finale

Warning: Spoiler alert. All the spoilers.

Russia loves a good meme as much as any country — and what better occasion to go all out than the "Game of Thrones" finale?

Here are some of our favorite Russian memes from the final episodes of the hit series (Again, many spoilers ahead):
It was a good plan. gameofthronesdracarys / Instagram

Don't look now, but....

At all work meetings, I am Jon Snow – I sit with a serious face, so no one can guess that I know nothing, and I decide nothing.

When the driver of a minibus asks whether anyone is getting off at the next stop. 


Jon Snow "She is not her father, she has a good heart."

Two episodes later...

Proof that the finale was written by Catelyn Stark:

1) Sansa – Queen of the North

2) Bran – King of Westeros

3) Arya – Traveling, doing what she wants

4) Jon Snow – Forgotten bastard on the edge of the world 

Jon: Marry Daenerys, become king and live happily.

Also Jon: Ask for help in the war from the beginning, where she will lose two dragons and half the troops, and kill her in the end.  

Jaime Lannister: The Kingslayer who tried to kill Bran before he was king #calledit

Cersei: Our baby must live.

Tyrion: Don't worry, everything is fine with me.

King's Landing



Fans writing theories for "Game of Thrones"


Benioff and Weiss writing scenes

Drogon: You wipe the blood off the floor, I'll hide the body. 

Jon: What's he growling about? I guess I'll just tell them the truth...

That moment when Dany's hairstyle is more interesting than the plot of the final season. 

You will be queen, until there comes another...

...younger, and much more beautiful. 

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