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Russian Judge Resigns After Naked Gas Station Video

Yuri Makarov / Vkontakte

A judge in southern Russia has resigned after scandalous security camera footage showed him filming a naked female companion buying a water bottle at a convenience store.

Judge Yury Makarov, a 30-year veteran of the judicial system in Stavropol region, was recognized as the man who filmed the naked woman with a cellphone. The judge offered a series of conflicting explanations for the footage before admitting it was him in the video.

According to the Mash Telegram channel, Makarov explained to colleagues that he was flagged by a woman while driving, who asked him to film her act out a friends’ dare to buy water at a store with no clothes on.

On Tuesday, Stavropol region’s judicial review panel disbarred Makarov based on his resignation.

“My belly isn’t that big,” he was quoted as saying in his initial denial of being the man in the footage.

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