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Moscow Court Overturns Doctor’s Malpractice Sentence

Yelena Misyurina Sergei Vedyashkin / Moskva News Agency

A Russian doctor who was jailed for negligence over a biopsy that resulted in a patient’s death has had her two-year prison sentence overturned.

Yelena Misyurina was released in February, a month after being sentenced, following a nationwide public outcry and a viral social media campaign among her colleagues.

“Based on the decision of the Moscow City Court’s board of appeals, the district court ruling was overturned,” the court said in an online statement Monday.

Misyurina’s case has been returned to prosecutors “to remove defects that hinder consideration of the case.” 

The Moscow City Court’s board of appeals criticized investigators, prosecutors and the district court for “gross violations” that had occurred during the investigation.

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