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Moscow Tests Anti-Missile Shield with Rocket Launch

Russian Ministry of Defense

The Russian military has successfully tested an upgraded anti-missile shield at a time of mutual mistrust between Russia and the United States over missile defense.

Russia’s Aerospace Forces tested the interceptor missile twice last year at the same site in Kazakhstan, following the activation of a new NATO missile defence station in Romania. The Western military alliance’s defense system has raised Moscow’s ire over what it views as an arms buildup along its borders.

The latest missile "successfully completed its task, hitting the target at the scheduled time," Russia’s Defense Ministry cited Colonel Andrei Prikhodko, deputy commander of the Aerospace Forces air defense command, as saying in an online statement on Monday.

Media outlets said last year that the tested Russian missiles were an upgraded version of the 53T6 Gazelle short-range missile interceptors.

The Russian ministry said Monday that the shield was designed to intercept missiles targeting Moscow and to serve as a missile attack warning system.

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