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Children in Russian Arctic Brave -50 Celsius to Attend School


Students in the Russian Arctic are enduring freezing weather to attend school, as temperatures hover just 2 degrees above the threshold to cancel class.

Oymyakon in Russia’s northeastern Sakha republic has been nicknamed the “Cold Pole” for being one of the coldest permanently inhabited places on Earth.

Thermometers there showed minus 50 degrees Celsius on Thursday morning, the local website reported. Meanwhile, students are expected to attend class until temperatures reach minus 52 C. 

"It was minus 50 this morning, all children are studying," the Oymyakon administration told the news site.

A video from another Sakha village, widely shared on social media this week, showed children being whipped by freezing winds on their way home from school in temperatures around minus 30 C.

In Moscow, temperatures on Thursday hovered around a balmy minus 3 degrees C.

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