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Intense Rainfall Brings Floods to Russia's Far East Primorye Region

Heavy rains hit Far East Russia’s Primorye region on Tuesday and Wednesday, leading to flooded homes and roadways, power outages and evacuations of several villages.

In the major port city of Vladivostok, the precipitation exceeded the monthly norm, the regional hydrometeorological agency said.

In the rivers of the south and west of the region, water levels exceeded the norm as much as eightfold.

A group of naval vessels evacuated vacationers at the southern port of Zarubino after the district was cut off from the roadways.

The latest flooding comes just weeks after tropical storm Khanun brought flooding, power outages and a deadly dam burst to the Primorye region, prompting an outcry from locals over official relief efforts.

Here’s a look into the devastation that struck the region this week: