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Putin Showcases Soviet Classics in Impromptu Piano Performance

Alexei Nikolsky / AP

Russian President Vladimir Putin has never been one to hide his varied and all-encompassing talents.

Horse-riding. Hang-gliding. The art of striking an masculine pose against the backdrop of snowy Siberia. Putin has mastered all. But nNot all of Putin's talents involve being stripped to the waist in the Russian tundra, however. 

While waiting to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing on Sunday, the Russian president decided to treat the onlooking media to and impromptu musical treat. 

Bravely unperturbed by the piano's lack of tuning, Putin showcased two Soviet classics: Moscow Windows and City on the Free Neva. 

Internet pranksters have already seized the golden opportunity to create a few Putin-inspired mash-ups of their own.

It's not the first time that Putin has showcased his musical talents in public. In 2010, the president played and sang "Blueberry Hills" on stage as part of a charity concert.

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