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Russian Repair Truck Shows Up to Repair Pothole, Falls Into It

A humorously photoshopped image of the repair truck “swallowed up” by the pothole in Bratsk. Tipichny Bratsk / Vkontakte

It took more than a year for Irkutsk officials to send a repair crew to fix two massive potholes in the town of Bratsky. When a repair crew finally showed up this week, one of the trucks promptly fell into one of the potholes.

According to the local website, the ditches are more than six-feet deep.

Translation: The truck that came to fill in this pothole — fell into it.

In August 2016, the district attorney gave the government two months to fix the roadside damage, but the repair crew didn’t show up until April 2017, when trucks carrying dirt finally arrived to fill in the potholes.

One truck fell into the pothole itself, however, before it could unload its cargo. It then took two hours and an excavator to pull the vehicle out from the hole.

Last year, the mayor of Bratsky said officials were unable to fix the pothole immediately because drainage pipelines were being installed in the area.

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