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It's Raining Cats: Muscovites Urged to Protect Falling Felines


Moscow officials have urged the city's cat-lovers to better protect their pets in a bid to stop them falling from windows in the city's high rise apartment blocks.

Moscow’s Committee of Veterinarians warned cat owners to be careful when opening windows to let in fresh spring air.

It said that the number of injured cats was already on the rise, and advised pet owners to invest in screens for their windows

“It's normal for domestic cats to try and walk along window frames,” the committee said in a statement. “But this recent thaw has already seen a rise in the number of 'flying’ cats.”

While cats usually survive falls from high buildings thanks to their instinctive self-righting reflex, many animals still sustain injuries from their fall. 

Broken bones and teeth are common injuries for cats who have taken a plunge from a high windowsill - usually after being distracted by potential prey or falling asleep.

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