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Russians Relate Better to U.S. After Trump Election - Poll

People wave U.S. flags in Moscow's Red Square. Maxim Shemetov / Reuters

Russian public attitudes toward the United States have begun to improve in the last few months, although negative views still remain high, according the Levada Center polling organization.

According to the pollster's data, 28 percent of Russians now say they relate positively to the U.S., a significant increase since May and September of this year, when positive attitudes stood at 23 and 19 percent, respectively.

However, negative attitudes remain. According to the latest data, 56 percent of Russians relate negatively to the U.S., compared to 64 percent in September and 70 percent in May.

Unsurprisingly, the election of Donald Trump to the United States presidency appears at least partially connected to the shift. Fifty four percent of respondents believed that U.S.-Russia relations would improve after Trump's election, whereas only 2 percent expected a decline in relations. However, 27 percent of respondents predicted little change in relations after Trump's victory.

Perhaps most interestingly, 78 percent of respondents believed that the person serving as U.S. president has an effect on the lives of Russians. Only 16 percent disagreed with this idea.

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