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Russian Firm Honors Trump with $3,000 Gold-Coated iPhone 7

Russians can now pay homage to U.S. President-elect Donald Trump with a gold-coated iPhone 7 engraved with his portrait.

The smartphone, emblazoned with Trump's iconic election slogan, “make America great again,” will set customers back a mere 197,000 rubles ($3,000)

The special-edition has been produced by Moscow-based brand Caviar, better known for their designs featuring Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A Caviar-designed iPhone decorated with a portrait of Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The design also features an image of the Russian-annexed Crimean peninsula and the words, "Crimea: In the hearts of the people."

The company claims that the phone is a symbol of hope for better Russian-U.S. ties, telling journalists that they would do "everything possible" to deliver one of the phones to the President-elect himself. 

Putin and Trump spoke directly to each other in a telephone call on Monday, Nov. 14, according to an official statement released by the Kremlin.

“Russia’s leader once again congratulated Mr. Trump on his victory in the presidential election, wished him success in implementing his campaign platform, and expressed willingness to build a collaborative dialogue with the new administration on the principles of equality, mutual respect, and noninterference in the other’s internal affairs,” the Kremlin’s press release said.

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