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Russian-China Army Drills to 'Promote Peace,' Says Minister

China Daily / Reuters

Joint military drills between Russia and China are designed to promote peace rather than threaten other countries, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced Wednesday.

Speaking at a meeting with Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan, Shoigu maintained that the drills were an important show of unity against “global political instability,” the RIA news agency reported.

“It is important that Russia and China show their readiness to defend peace and strengthen international security,” Shoigu said. “This bilateral military cooperation is focused on countering modern threats and challenges – first and foremost, international terrorism."

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Expanding military ties with China was “an absolute priority," Shoigu said. “Russian-Chinese relations are at an unprecedented high and are continuing to grow steadily."

While Russia and China have not entered into a formal military alliance, the two countries agreed to increase bilateral military cooperation earlier this year. A number of joint-exercises have been planned, while the two countries also held exercises using computer-guided missiles in May.

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