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Russian Burger King to Sue Outspoken Singer Shnurov Over Instagram Post

The Russian branch of the Burger King fast food giant plans to sue Sergei Shnurov, the lead singer of the Leningrad group, for an Instagram post that mentions the company in a negative way, the RBC news agency reported Friday, citing Burger King's marketing director Ivan Shestov.

The post that provoked the backlash from the fast food chain’s management says that Burger King’s promotional code has "repeatedly led to hiccups." The line appeared on Monday on Shnurov’s Instagram account and has since gathered more than 50,000 likes.

Shnurov had no right to mention the brand’s name, Shestov claimed, adding that it may mislead consumers and negatively impact sales. 

Burger King Russia wants 200,000 rubles ($3,000) in compensation or for Shnurov to replace the lines with new ones, complimenting the company. 

"It’s a success! Score! Not a single day without court!" the singer wrote on Instagram, commenting on the matter. 

The notorious Leningrad rock group and its frontman Sergei Shnurov have repeatedly been embroiled in controversy over explicit lyrics and Shnurov’s unruly behavior.

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