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Recipe: Fresh Rolls for a Cool Spring

Vietnam is a relatively cheap, warm and therefore popular destination for Russians and Russia-based expats. The country's distinctive cuisine also makes it a haven for foodies, and one of the most memorable experiences of many visitors to Vietnam is a cooking class. This recipe comes from a cooking class I took at the Green Bamboo Cooking School in Hoi An. It's not easy to find some of the herbs that make many Vietnamese dishes in Moscow, but for this recipe, the only thing you'll probably miss is lemon basil. I've never found it in Moscow, but you can make do without.

Fresh spring rolls with shrimp and pork

1 lb (500g) fresh or thawed shrimp

1/2 lb (200g) pork filet

1 cup (200g) green beans

1 carrot

One bunch lemon basil

One bunch mint leaves

One bunch fresh coriander

1 stalk (10g) green onions

Rice paper

Boil shrimp in hot water until they are done. Let cool completely. Boil pork for approximately 20 minutes until cooked. Remove from heat and slice into thin strips.

Slice green beans and carrots into 2-inch lengths, boil, then slice thinly. Cut onions into 2-inch lengths. Wash and shred the herbs.

Dip rice paper one piece at a time into a bowl of clean water just enough to barely wet the paper. Onto the wet paper, put one piece of shrimp, one pork strip and some herbs. Roll, tucking the edges as you go. Continue until all the ingredients are gone. Serve with dipping sauce.

Dipping sauce

Juice of two limes

2 Tbsp sugar

3 Tbsp fish sauce

1 Tbsp minced garlic

Hot chili to taste

First combine the lime juice with the sugar. Add the other ingredients. Mix well.

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