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Russian Bear and German Shepherd Dog Forge Unusual Friendship (Video)

At a time when Russia finds itself at odds with the West, a Siberian bear and a German Shepherd have taken it upon themselves to show the world that friendship transcends boundaries — and species.

A YouTube video of the bear frolicking about in the snow with a German Shepherd on the Spanish island of Mallorca made international headlines this week as Internet users marveled over the bear's playfulness and friendliness towards the much smaller dog.

"Tima joined us when he was only four months old," a spokesperson for the circus was cited as saying Thursday by "Now he weighs as much as nine German Shepherds together, but he is still as kind and friendly as before. He doesn't display any aggression and loves his friends."

The Russian circus that Tima travels with had been on the Spanish island — still covered in snow — as part of a tour, the report said.

The report did not specify when the video was taken or what circus the hairy animal belonged to. But a video on the website of the Russian State Circus shows a bear called Tima patiently carrying out tricks that seemingly defeat its size, like making somersaults and even playing a trumpet.

separate video has Tima giving a radio interview at a Spanish radio station, seated next to his trainer who describes the Russian bear as "similar to a dog" and says it prefers expensive to cheap sausages.

The same YouTube account also shows the bear in a television ad for a Spanish sports channel:

Whether or not the 'real' Tima can take credit for all of the stunts, it is a comforting idea that brown bears can do more than just scare humans out of their wits.

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