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Fearless Russian Treats Wild Bear to a Fish Supper (Video)

Remember "Grizzly Man?" Whoever thought bear lover Timothy Treadwell was the bravest or most insane man alive — or both — is about to have their assumptions challenged.

A recent YouTube video, titled "Feeding a Bear Salmon," shows a Russian man giving a brown bear slivers of fish through an open window with what looks like not only an absence of fear, but a positive death wish.

The video was reportedly recorded on Sakhalin — a large island in the North Pacific Ocean — by a group of geologists stationed there who had befriended a bear and named him "Boris," Russian social media users said.

The human hand feeding the animal several times barely misses the bear's giant paw, and at one point even deliberately pets it.

While some marveled at the man's nerves of steel, others were less enthusiastic.

"Even the most stupid person understands that from this moment onwards, the beast has developed a direct association with the food it's been given, and it'll never forget. The bear is doomed. It'll either kill someone or be killed. These kind of brats should be fed to crocodiles," a user who called himself Yevgeny Pavlov said underneath the video.

Watch the video here:

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