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Rare Bear Cub Found at Door of Vladivostok Circus

A two-week-old cub of a rare Himalayan bear was abandoned at the entrance of a circus in the far-eastern Russian city of Vladivostok.

Circus employees discovered the cub sleeping in a cardboard box on Tuesday morning and gave him shelter, according to reports by Interfax and local news site

The little one has keen appetite. It needs to be fed every three hours, otherwise it starts crying and squeaking, circus administrator Alexandra Mironova was quoted as saying.

But the animal can't stay in Vladivostok because there is no troupe it could join, and it's reportedly not welcome at the local zoo.

The circus has offered the cub to renowned Moscow bear trainer Alexander Yarovoi, and the only question is how to organize a cross-country flight for the little one.

"Aeroflot refuses to take a 'predator' on board, even though the predator can fit in the palm of your hand," Mironova said.

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