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Angry Russian Woman Sends Her Regards by Smashing Up Ex-Husband's Car

A scorned woman, a sledgehammer and a parked car —  you only need to guess how this scenario will roll out.

And yet it isn't the aggressive footage of the woman smashing up a car in the eastern Siberian city of Angarsk that has made a YouTube video titled "A New Way of Sending Your Regards" a Runet favorite this year.

In the video, bystanders look on in amazement as a woman targets a black car with a sledgehammer, smashing the headlights and boot as its alarm sirens blare in the background.

The parked Toyota Camry belonged to the 31-year-old woman's ex-husband, the People's Patrol YouTube account reported, without specifying what had gotten the man in his former spouse's bad books.

"What are you doing? Are you crazy?" a man recording the incident from an overlooking apartment window is heard asking, threatening to call the police.

The woman then turns around with her axe and stoically says: " I'm sending my regards," after which she continues smashing up the car boot before calmly walking off.

A tip: Sending one's regards is generally considered a friendly gesture, but when accompanied by the sound of crushed glass and dented metal then your greetings might be less welcome.

Watch the video here:

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